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Laser Cutting Services

Gone are the days when a person or group of workers spend many hours cutting and polishing a single object to give it smooth finish and accuracy. With the advent of technology, this tiresome process has gone into oblivion.

Laser cutting , as the name suggests, deals with application of laser to cut various materials, mostly for construction and manufacturing industry. Though it sounds very high-tech and costly, it seems to have made its way into day to day life and has become an integral part of it. Hence, not only major industrial houses but also small scale business along with numerous schools and hobbyist use it nowadays.

Laser cutting deals with a powerful laser beam directed at the material that needs to be shaped as desired. This high power beam is controlled by a computer which is programmed before cutting process. This is done via CNC machine that uses computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided machine (CAM) technology.

CO2 laser, which is one of the three types of lasers used in laser cutting process, is mostly suitable for cutting, boring and engraving. The other two laser types are Neodymium (Nd) and Neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Nd-YAG). Both differ in their application but are mostly same in style. At many places, laser cutting is also carried out using a laser micro-jet which is a water-jet guided laser. In terms of tolerance and surface finish, laser cutters have positioning accuracy of 10 micrometers and repeatability of 5 micrometers. Laser cutting machines generally operate at 1500 watts but in recent years machines with more than 6000 watts of power are being used. Various factors of laser cutting such as laser power, pulse frequency, type of gas, gas purity, nozzle and nozzle sizes vary according to need.

Over the years, laser cutting has grown its market share versus mechanical cutting which is very slow, sometimes inaccurate and has limited design variation. Laser cutting has only one disadvantage that is the high power consumption. But this process comes with a lot of speed and accuracy in work that this disadvantage is not worth mentioning. Laser cutting is carried out in an area called as Machine shop, where other manufacturing processes like Sheet metal fabrication, Metal stamping are also carried out.

Such is the phenomenon of laser cutting that many high industrial firms have opted to start laser cutting services for small firms that are not capable of having their own laser cutting system, thereby making such high efficient technology accessible to all sections of industry. Laser cutting is nothing but a shortcut to awesomeness, a result of human being’s perseverance to excellence.

We, At Carlson Manufacturing, have a vision for a full-service, quality-focused organization with an emphasis on long-term customer relationships. At Carlson Manufacturing, we strive to offer the best of both worlds: the capabilities and reliability of a larger corporation coupled with the personalized service of a family-owned business.

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